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A Passport Book is a document, issued by a national government, which certifies the identity and nationality of its bearer for the purpose of international travel. It is valid for all modes of international travel and is the primary form of identification valid for international air travel.

The U.S. Passport Card can be used for travel between the United States and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry. The passport card is not valid for international travel by air. The U.S. Passport Card may also be used as an official form of identification within the United States and is particularly useful for adults who do not drive and for children under the age of 16.

If your U.S. passport was issued when you were 16 years old or older, your passport is valid for 10 years. If your U.S. passport was issued when you were 15 years old or younger, your passport is valid for 5 years. Second valid passports (a passport issued in addition to the traveler's primary passport) are valid for 4 years.

A Passport Acceptance Facility is typically located at a main branch post office or clerk of court. An authorized agent at the facility will review the passport applicant's state-issued photo ID, proof of citizenship, and passport application; will issue an official oath to the applicant; and will witness the applicant's signature on the government form DS-11. To find a facility closest to your location, please visit http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/

Express Passport is registered with the U.S. Department of State. Our expediting service is in addition to the required government fee. If you do not want to use our expediting services, you can visit your local passport acceptance facility or go directly to the U.S Department of State. We expedite U.S. Passports throughout the country using overnight delivery. Our registered couriers have years of experience on handling personal documentation and passports so we can ensure the process will be safe and secure. When booking your next vacation or making business trip plans, choose Express Passport for your passport expediting needs.

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