Expresspassport was able to get us a new passport for my son in less than 48 hours after we discovered it lost 3 days before our vacation-that is including a trip to a passport identification center which is required for passports under 16-marvellous!
Jennifer P gave us the best service possible. The only suggestion that I would offer is that on Expresspassport's website, there should be an explanation that the Long Form Birth Certificate needs to be provided for a new passport application, as the US authorities won't accept the Short Form birth certificate. We provided what we had, the Short Form Birth Certificate. The Long Form has a bit more information about the location of the birth. This delayed us for weeks, but the delay was actually from the Texas bureau in Austin that is responsible for Birth Certificates. If I would have known that Texas's idea of expedited service is shipping only, they still had a 1-2 month wait for the document, which forced us to cancel our overseas trip. I should have driven the 500 miles to Austin and picked it up same day. The good news is that Expresspassport waited the 6-weeks with us for the docs instead of closing the file. They did their part very expeditiously and professionally. I would recommend them to anyone.
Alma R
Absolutely perfect less than 7 days very helpful very informative on the process thank you very much!!
Alvis S
Double the price of securing the renewed passport, but it's worth the money for as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Took nine (9) days from dropping the pg @. FedEx to receipt. Great job overall!
Noel Garrido
expresspassport delivered exactly what they promised - my passport in 7 days! They were professional and prompt in every detail. I would recommend them to anyone who needed a passport in a short amount of time. They were awesome.
Rebecca A

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Great service
Booker K
This service was accurate, timely, very professional, came through faster than expected. The $$ was worth getting the documents on time for our trip.
Vincent R
I was very happy and shocked we received the passport in 5 days from when I mailed the packet in. Highly recommended.
Stanley R
I got what I needed, when I needed! They scheduled pick up of my documents, and I got it the next morning after they picked it up. I didnt have to drive to DC, pay for hotel, and miss time away from work. I saved money doing it this way.
Brandon Char-Neal E