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Passport Requirements

Passport Requirements

At Express Passport we believe in service! Here are some helpful links to all of our Checklists.

Checklists below are made specific for clients who have signed up for an expedited passport with
Please call us at 1-888-612-9899, if you have any questions.

  • New Passport Checklist
  • Lost, Stolen and Damaged Passport
  • Passport Renewal Checklist
  • Child Passport Checklist
  • Name Change Checklist
  • Passport Card Checklist
  • Add Pages Checklist
    If you do not have all the required documents on the checklist please review the additional forms and documents below to complete your application packets.

  • File Search
    If you do not have proof of citizenship, but you have had an U.S adult or child passport before, you can do a file search. There will be a separate fee of $150.00 and must be paid by a separate check or money order made out to the U.S. Department of State.
  • Click here to get the File search letter

  • Business Letter of Expedite
    For customers who cannot obtain a travel itinerary, the U.S. Passport Agency will accept a company letter to be used in the place of airline tickets or travel itinerary.

    Please type this information onto your company letterhead and make sure your departure date is within 14 days.
  • Click here to get the Business letter of Expedite
  • line

    Additional Forms of Identification
    If your Driver's license or State issued ID has been issued or renewed in the past 6 months, you are required to provide copies of at least 5 secondary forms of identification
  • Click here to get list of options for Secondary Forms of ID

  • Letter for Acceptance Agent
    Please bring this letter with you when going to see the Passport Acceptance Clerk. In the event the clerk will not give you the sealed envelope back, please have them refer to Chapter 10 Section 11 of the Passport Reference Guide.
  • Click Here to get letter for Acceptance clerk

  • Request For Second Valid Passport
    If you are a frequent traveler and you will be getting a visa stamp while traveling abroad, you can request a duplicate passport. Click here to get the request for a second valid passport

  • Passport Photo Requirements
  • Sample Business Letter of Financial Respsonsibilty