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How soon do you need your Lost / Stolen or Damaged Passport?

To start your request for an expedited Lost / Stolen or Damaged Passport, please fill out the order form below. This service is for U.S. Passports only. We can expedite passports for clients in any state.

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1-3 Business Day Processing / Urgent Service     $ 379.00
3-5 Business Day Processing / Emergency Service     $ 249.00
8-10 Business Day Processing / Express Service     $ 199.00
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* Government fee of $170.00 payable to the U.S. Department of State is not included.

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Add a Passport Insurance for an additional $20.00 (More info...) will expedite the replacement of your US Passport if it has been lost, stolen or damaged. details

By enrolling, you acknowledge: will waive its expediting fees for up to two year from order date. You will be responsible for the passport photo, acceptance facility, shipping, and government fees. Processing speed will be based on a similar service. Insurance coverage does not include replacement of expired passports, name changes, or valid travel visas. To make a claim, please call 888-612-9899, and inform your passport specialist that this is a passport insurance claim.


If you have lost your passport, it was stolen or it is no longer in your possession you are required to apply for a new passport. New passports are for US citizens over the age of 18 that have never applied for a US Passport OR for US Citizens that have a valid passport that has been expired for more than 5 years.