Passport Renewal at the Post Office

Passport Renewal at the Post Office

Is your U.S. Passport expired or expiring soon? Travelers call us every day to find out where to get a passport renewal locally. Many travelers choose to start their passport renewal online. Applicants can also apply through their nearest post office or county clerk. To find your closest passport acceptance facility, check here. However, the best way to renew depends on how quickly you are traveling and looking to get your passport.  First, make sure you qualify for a passport renewal. You’ll need to check the passport issuance date, the passport expiration date, and also the condition of your passport. We outline the requirements below to determine if you are eligible for a passport renewal.  If so, you have three different speed options without having to travel across the state.

Processing Option Standard Processing Expedited Processing
Post Office 4-6 weeks 2-3 weeks
Express Passport 10 days 2 days

Can I renew my passport?

If your passport is undamaged and issued when you were 16 or older, and your passport has a ten-year validity, then you qualify for a passport renewal. As long as you have your passport in hand and it’s undamaged, then you can renew it. The child passport is a passport that is only valid for 5 years and is issued to applicants age 15 and younger. If your passport is a child passport, you cannot renew this passport. You will need to apply for a new passport each time until the applicant is 16 and older and has a 10-year validity passport. Only a 10-year validity adult passport is eligible for a passport renewal. If your passport is missing or damaged, you will need to apply for a replacement passport. The new passport, child passport, and replacement passport services will all require a visit to your local passport acceptance facility.

Passport Renewal at the Post Office

Most post offices and county clerk facilities will have the DS-82 application for a passport renewal. However, you can handle all of the required documents from home. Here are the items you will need to renew your passport:

  • The DS-82 Passport Renewal application
  • Recently issued passport photo
  • Check or money order for the government fee.
  • Recently expired or expiring valid adult passport
  • Name change documents if applicable

Make sure to request a return receipt. You will want to make sure your application and documents were successfully delivered to the passport agency. Once your application is in processing, you can check the status of your passport here: Check Passport Status

Passport Renewal Processing Times

Passport renewal processing times are usually 4-6 weeks if you apply locally. If you expedite your application at the post office, there is an additional fee but the time speeds up to 2-3 weeks. There are no guarantees with these processing times. If you need your passport even faster and with more certainly on the processing time, please contact us. Our processing times can be as quick as 24 hours and we walk you through the required documents. As long as the documents are completed correctly and the applicant is eligible for a passport, our processing times are very accurate. Our team of professional passport specialists are here to help make sure you have all your documents correct the first time you submit your passport renewal application.

Passport Renewal Fees

The passport renewal fees are $110 for the passport book. If you wish to expedite your passport renewal at the post office, you will pay an additional $60 government fee. Using a private expediting service like ours will come with an additional service fee. Place your expedited passport renewal order or call us today and we can advise you on the best option for your travel needs. 1-888-612-9899