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Express Passport is officially authorized by the United States Department of State to expediate your passport

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

We accept no responsibility for delays, loss of passports or other materials or documents occasioned by such services or by any commercial or U.S.P.S delivery services; thus if FedEx, UPS, DHL, or other commercial services deliver shipments to our office late, we may not be able to submit documents until the following business day which may cause documents to not be returned in time for the applicant's departure. We cannot be responsible for delays for this or any other reason.

Express Passport is allowed to submit a limited number of passport applications for same-day service (that is, submit in the morning and pick up the afternoon of the same day); and persons requesting and paying for same-day service must pay in advance and such payments are non-refundable since one of the limited number of same-day slots will be held for that person and therefore cannot be used for another person.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to check all passport and visa information to ensure the accuracy of the documents. Damage compensation is not available from Express Passport.

Shipping upgrade prices are $60 extra for 1st overnight FEDEX and $25 extra for priority overnight FEDEX shipping.

If you need us to provide extra shipping labels:  Overnight labels are priced at $85 for 1st overnight FEDEX,  $50 for priority overnight and and $25 for standard FEDEX overnight.

If you need to have the package delivered to you on Saturday there is additional fee of $60 extra for 1st overnight FEDEX and $39 extra for priority overnight FEDEX shipping.