How to Get a Passport Photo

how to get a passport photoSeptember was “Passport Awareness Month” and the Bureau of Consular Affairs compiled some excellent information for this occasion, encouraging all Americans to get their passports. The first step to getting your passport is your passport photo. This post will help you understand how to get a passport photo without any issues.

Do I need a passport for the Real ID Act?

Do I need a passport for the Real ID ActIf you wish to fly commercially by October 1, 2020- in just 2 years, your state ID may not be acceptable for domestic travel. You may need to quickly get a passport in order to take a flight from one state to another. On that day, everyone attempting to visit a military base, nuclear power plant, federal building, or board a commercial flight will need to carry an ID that is compliant with the Real ID Act.

How to Get a New Passport in 5 Easy Steps

how to get a new passport in 5 stepsAre you about to leave the country for the first time? Does the passport application process make your eyes glaze over with boredom and confusion? You’re in luck! This guide will show you how to get a new passport in five easy steps. Step 1: Fill out a new passport application.

Passport Renewal at the Post Office

Passport Renewal at the Post OfficeIs your U.S. Passport expired or expiring soon? Travelers call us every day to find out where to get a passport renewal locally. Many travelers choose to start their passport renewal online. Applicants can also apply through their nearest post office or county clerk. To find your closest passport acceptance facility, check here.
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